4 Strange Medical Procedures from History

We live in a pretty advanced world, and thanks to the new technologies, creations, and innovations, medicine has also advanced at an incredible rate in comparison to old methods. For you to thank the advancement of science, here we present you the weirdest medical procedures that used to exist:

Teething Pain

Five centuries ago, in France, people made a small cut on the gums when babies were feeling pain because their teeth were starting to grow, which would allow the tooth to “come out”. It’s something that could undoubtedly cause an infection and a lot of pain to most babies.

Heroin, A Widely Used Component

Heroin was one of the components used by pharmacists to manufacture various drugs, one of which were cough medicines. Cataloging it in the late 1800s as a “non-addictive component”, which we can now confirm thanks to some medical studies, can cause severe damage and even death. The use of this drug was later banned.

Trepanation, One Of The First Surgeries Implemented

The trepanation was implemented some decades ago. But as you can imagine, it was applied in a totally cruel and misinformed way, since back then there were no anesthetics.

The trepanation was mostly implemented in people who were considered to be mentally ill, leaving a hole in their heads.

Unique Diagnosis

Hippocrates, the so-called father of medicine, had a peculiar method to give his medical diagnosis. Depending on the patient’s symptoms, he would taste their urine, mucus, and even their earwax to be able to “make a diagnosis”. Thank God they created laboratories!

We most certainly thank the brilliant minds that have helped to develop medical science, since these medical procedures were clearly unusual. If some people cry just by getting an injection, we don’t want to know how they would have reacted to a trepanation.