Diabetes Might Increase Your Risk of Arthritis and Osteoporosis Study Revealed

Arthritis is referred to the inflammation of the joints, causing many symptoms like stiffness and moderate to severe pain, and it gets worse as people get older, while osteoporosis is the condition which weakens the bones and makes them brittle. On the other hand, diabetes is a disease which makes your blood sugar levels be too high.

Studies conducted by experts have shown that these three diseases are related since it has been discovered that people with diabetes are at greater risk of suffering from diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Influence Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires lifelong nutritional care to prevent any complications that aggravate your condition. No matter what food a diabetic person eats, glucose enters the bloodstream and the cells use it as energy.

Some of the diseases that can be set off by diabetes are those that represent pain or inflammation in the bones or muscles. Like osteoporosis and arthritis.


The research that showed this result was carried out with data from a national survey conducted in Denmark regarding its population’s health. Taking into consideration the risk factors of people diagnosed with diabetes.

And from there, the study conducted on diabetic people showed high chances of them also being prone to suffer from chronic diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. One of the possible causes could be the use of steroids to relieve pain in people with arthritis, which can worsen diabetes.


These diseases are very complex, and the funny thing is that many experts don’t know how to explain diabetes direct relationship with osteoporosis or arthritis. But it’s very common to see people who suffer some of these and develop the other.

When the level of bone mass is very low, chances of getting osteoporosis increase at an early age, which could also lead to diabetes. It has also been revealed that even if someone’s body mass is large, osteoporosis can originate if there are several fractures, falls, or traumatisms that can cause some damage to the nerves. That’s why it’s necessary to treat these conditions with extreme care.